Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dr. Berry and the Jacaranda Tree

5x7, Oil on Canvas

This is a Jacaranda Tree.  They bloom in spring these beautiful heads of purple with an ash type bark.  It is a warm climate tree yet has been found in all parts of North America (easily adapts). 

Dr. Berry has been Myla's Kindergarten teacher this year.  What a blessing!  I can't tell you how wonderful this woman is!  She has helped to mold my sweet girl and push her to do things with great confidence and skill.  From the first day I felt a great comfort knowing Myla had such a teacher on her side.

As I was thinking what to paint Dr. Berry Myla reminded me that her favorite color is purple.  So I looked up purple trees and the Jacaranda seemed to fit perfectly the style, grace and beauty that this woman has put into her life work.  She has a real love for her students and you can see that so readily.  The greatest blessing came when she shared how she prays over each child and how she couldn't get through her day without Jesus helping her.

In the painting I have these little grass-like saplings at the foot of this tree.  I wanted to show her as the "teacher" tree who helps grow all our little ones.  I also put her son (who is in college now) behind her in the shadow of the light as her branches reach out over him.  She is always talking about her wonderful son and you can tell she really cherishes being a Mom.  Of course, the light throughout the painting is always my symbol for how God is ever present and that is quite evident in her life.

Dr. Berry, thank you so much for making Myla's first year in school a great one.


  1. Hi Dawn,
    We are in Florida and the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom here! We love the color they give to the city. My kids see how many they can count as we drive around town. We can easily see over 30 in a short distance. Your painting is beautiful!

  2. Oh, Sonya! I bet they are lovely (and more so in person). Wow a pathway of them would be glorious. Take some pictures. ;)

  3. Sweet Dawn,

    Your two new pieces are amazing. The Bare Limbs and White Mist reminded me of your In the Mist and Snow. Both are so quiet, and I love that you branched out of your comfort zone of bold colors to work with lighter ones. That's brave of you, friend. And God blessed that courage because both pieces are beautiful, echoing the beauty of our Lord that we see in nature.

    I also absolutely love the Jacaranda Tree above and the symbolism you used for Dr. Berry and for Myla and her classmates. Your paintings are like good memoirs and novels--when I look at them again and again, I always see something new in the piece.

    Speaking of books, I'm enjoying yours!! Thanks for putting that together. It's been pointing me toward our Dad.

    Love you much, friend! Can't wait to see what else you and our Dad have been up to together.