Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silent Rain

20x20, Oil on Canvas

A few years ago I had done a painting similar to this one.  I recently tried the same color palette again and I liked what happened to the rough clouds met by the clean lines of the landscape.

I really try to just get at the emotion in the sky.  Not so much the photographic look.  I have been going through some waiting and hoping in my life.  I feel a lot like this piece.  My Dad has suffered with cluster headaches for 8 years now.  There have been surgeries in his life to numb the nerves on his head and they work for a year or so then come back.  We seem to go from having him back with us to slowly losing him to pain.

It's hard to watch someone you love in so much pain.  It's hard to keep praying for something that doesn't go away for good.  I say this to be perfectly honest with my feelings.  I always find when I "rain" down my feelings on God's great plain that He is better able to talk to me afterwards.

As I approach what I feel is the most important week of the year for Christians, what we call: Holy Week, I am reminded that our Lord faced similar feelings of waiting and hoping and even resignation to the fact that there would be pain.  And for Him, a great deal of it.  The Bible says that He sweat drops of blood in that place of great feelings as he "rained" down on the Father all that He was going through.  Not only is our God big enough to take our feelings He was also human enough to feel those trembles of pain and anguish.

I look at this painting and feel God quietly loving me, loving my Dad, loving all of us.  It reminds me that pain is one of the only places we really awaken to our faith.  We carry the cross just as He did more than 2000 years ago.  We sweat, we weep, we hurt yet we have hope.  The cross is not the end.  The empty tomb is.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dr. Berry and the Jacaranda Tree

5x7, Oil on Canvas

This is a Jacaranda Tree.  They bloom in spring these beautiful heads of purple with an ash type bark.  It is a warm climate tree yet has been found in all parts of North America (easily adapts). 

Dr. Berry has been Myla's Kindergarten teacher this year.  What a blessing!  I can't tell you how wonderful this woman is!  She has helped to mold my sweet girl and push her to do things with great confidence and skill.  From the first day I felt a great comfort knowing Myla had such a teacher on her side.

As I was thinking what to paint Dr. Berry Myla reminded me that her favorite color is purple.  So I looked up purple trees and the Jacaranda seemed to fit perfectly the style, grace and beauty that this woman has put into her life work.  She has a real love for her students and you can see that so readily.  The greatest blessing came when she shared how she prays over each child and how she couldn't get through her day without Jesus helping her.

In the painting I have these little grass-like saplings at the foot of this tree.  I wanted to show her as the "teacher" tree who helps grow all our little ones.  I also put her son (who is in college now) behind her in the shadow of the light as her branches reach out over him.  She is always talking about her wonderful son and you can tell she really cherishes being a Mom.  Of course, the light throughout the painting is always my symbol for how God is ever present and that is quite evident in her life.

Dr. Berry, thank you so much for making Myla's first year in school a great one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Western Art Collector Magazine April Issue

Front cover of the Magazine
Thomas Moran, "Indian Summer" estimated value: 3,5/5,500,000 at Scottsdale Art Auction.

I have joined a wonderful and talented group of artists called, "The Artist of Texas." They have kindly agreed to let me join their fine group and you can see me on their website at under painters.  Through this group I was able to have a piece of art work, "The Storm and the Fence" in the Western Art Collector Magazine, April 2011 Issue.

My piece is the red sky with the lightning strike at the very bottom.

It's an honor to even be in this magazine as it showcases works from top Western Artists like Howard Terpning (my all time favorite artist of the American Indian) and Martin Grelle, Alfredo Rodriguez and Cecy Turner (Just to highlight a few). As a small child growing up in the Philippines my father would get Southwest Art Magazine and we would have fun looking at the incredible art together. It is like a childhood dream for me to have art in the same pages with these seasoned painters.

To purchase your own issue you may find these at any leading bookstore or go to: