Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tree of Life Painting Sold

"Tree of Life" 30x40, Oil on Canvas

I am thrilled to share that a wonderful Doctor living in Scotland, UK has purchased this piece for her home.  It will make its way across the "pond" very shortly.  She even shared with me that she hopes that people will inquire about it so that she can share her faith.  How neat is that?

This was one of the only pieces I was able to finish in 2008 as my sweet twins were born that year.  I was busy!  This painting is dear to me in that it started in the very center with the baby and from that little image I put the Christ figure and the roots of the tree around Him. 

Here is my statement on the piece:  This comes from Genesis 2 and Revelation 22 where it says, "on the side of the River of Life grew the Tree of Life, bearing twelve crops of fruit...the leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations." I put a figure of a baby and the Christ figure as he is draped over it as if in the Pieta (coming down from the cross in death). Jesus is the, "way, the truth and the life." Without Him there is no healing of nations. I liked the idea of combining Easter and Christmas in one painting. The hope of His birth the triumph at His death. He is the tree of life.

I have had some say that it is a very "new age" painting.  I disagree as there are over 200 references in the Bible to, "tree" and over 100 to the word, "trees."  I propose it is not new age at all but Old Testament and New Testament truth.  Perhaps it's time for us to take back the symbols that were used in the Bible and see the real truths behind them.

Pray that this painting is a great witness and blessing to this dear lady.


  1. How exciting that is sold-- and even more that it is going to a good home where it will speak to people.

  2. I love this painting. And just today in Sunday school my mind lingered off from discussion and I found a verse in gen 3 and also a verse in rev...The Lord showed me these verse today..and Ihave been wanting a painting or print of the Tree of Life for my home.for years now..and Ihavent found the right one...but ur painting is beautiful..I would love to have a copy or print..