Thursday, December 9, 2010

Renee's Painting

Finished this 16x20 piece for a sweet friend from church today.
She wanted to have Crepe Myrtles as the trees for her painting as they reminded her of her Grandparents. They apparently loved to plant these beautiful trees near their home.
In the painting I had planned to make it more pink as Renee recalled pink Crepe Myrtles but when I started with the light it made the trees shadowy. I liked what was happening but was afraid it was going to lose the pink she had talked about. After talking it over with Renee (she's so great) she liked it with the shadows and said, "..It makes me think of what they would look like in the evening time."
I wanted the foreground tree (entwined limbs) to represent her grandparents with the largest trunk and the most presence as if all the trees came from this one. Her Mom is next, then Renee then her son who is in the most light. Here is her family trees. I like the symbol of the light as God's powerful presence in their lives. He is the great mystery (that we each get to understand and love) and yet He is a great comfort just like the evening light.
I have admired Renee for many years now as she has a sweet spirit and has one of the hardest jobs on earth: she is a single parent. She has done such a fine job with her son and gives God such glory for it. God bless you and keep you Renee and may His light shine upon you and give you peace.