Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tree of Life (small)

I took some time recently to go back to my first little 6x6 and put in the details. Kendrick is a great influence on me and he would look at this one and say, "It just doesn't seem finished." After picking up my ego I really felt he was hitting on the truth. I like this one better and not just because of the detail but the "heaviness" of the leaves and branches better brought out the life of the tree.
Have any of you ever seen a Lime Tree? They are the most glorious shades of green. Makes me always wish I lived in a wet, cool climate. Ah, well. This is my take on a Lime Tree. They have choppy thick and squat trunks with these wonderful heads of green.
In the Bible it talks about how the Tree of Life will bear fruit for the healing of the nations (Revelation 21). What a wonderful image as we see all peoples come rest and heal in the shade of God's beautiful tree.

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