Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Beauty of Two

It has been my delight to call Briana Blair my friend. She has not only been a gift to my heart but an encouragement. We started talking over a year ago at Starbucks almost every week, praying and asking God to come in and be with us. My heart has been blessed by your life Briana.
Now she is about to be Mrs. Brodie Heflin. My sweet friend is going to be one with a great guy. A guy we prayed for and we trusted that God would bring. How faithful our God has been! How faithful and how kind.
As I sat to contemplate what to paint for them the image of a large tree trunk came to mind as two trees merged into one large one. The idea that we are stronger together than we are apart and God meant it to be that way. I also wanted to share the beauty that we exude when we simply live life together rooted in God.
There is no mistake that I chose reds and yellows as their colors. It brought to mind not only the blood of Christ and their fervent desire to share Him with everyone they meet but also the flame that burns in both their hearts for missions.
I have always thought that tree leaves are most beautiful when lit by the sun. How much we learn from nature! As I know this couple will be God's beautiful stained glass window to the world.
You always have my prayers.


  1. How absolutely beautiful, Dawn. I love reading the testimony of your art as much as I love looking at and thinking about your art. I know I've said it before, but thank you for using the gift God's given you for His glory. Every time I encounter your art, it always points me toward Him! Hope you're doing well, my friend!!

  2. Jill, you are such a great encouragment to me. I love you and pray you are doing well with your talents too. Thanks so much for always "getting it." It means so much to me.