Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here be Dragons

So I was cleaning out my studio on Saturday and I came across some of my old work. If some of you don't know I used to paint/draw dragons a great deal. Yes, I love the lizards.
Now, before you think how crazy I must be just remember that it was only a few hundred years ago that maps had dragons drawn over them labeled, "Here be Dragons" for areas that were unknown or yet to be explored. Sound crazy? Dragons used to be a symbol of mystery and danger.
I had a triptych going here but never finished the third green dragon. The first one is the blue dragon named, "Lust." I had him sitting and waiting for someone to approach him as he slyly waits for his next meal. The second dragon is named, "Violence." That is why he is drooling and clawing at the canvas. I wanted it to feel like he's ready to attack. My third green dragon was supposed to be "Greed." In a lot of ways they are the evils that sit in our T.V. screens. Not only are they real and out to devour anything right and good but they live in the unknown water of our living rooms where we freely move and relax never suspecting we might be eaten by the darkness.
Don't worry. I'm still painting skies and trees. But I am getting back to my roots in the mystery and story of things. God has such a way of making things come full circle. I've never been a fantasy artist, a landscape painter or a real realist. I see how God has called me to the mystery, the feeling and symbolism of things. I like it here. I'll stay and paint for a while.


  1. Dawn, these are INCREDIBLE! Thanks for posting them. The colors are amazing. The detail within the dragons themselves is phenomenal. And the names of each piece--haunting. Beautiful work. Hope you're doing well, my friend!

  2. Thanks so much Jill. I love reading your reviews! We are doing well. I hope you are too. :)