Friday, April 23, 2010

Are There Wheelchairs in Heaven?

These are the last two drawings done for the book, "Why, God?" (see other posts about the book).
The one on the bottom was an image I woke up with this morning as I was thinking about the chapter, "Are There Wheelchairs in Heaven?" Joni Eareakson Tada wrote this chapter and mentioned how she would like to have her wheelchair in heaven so that she could thank God for it. The wheelchair has taught her more than those of us with working legs will ever know. I wonder if those in greatest affliction do find a deeper grace. That is hard to say when they are in so much pain, hardship or suffering. It was convicting to me to stop and thank God for all I have, even the hard stuff. Because of it, I know Him more. I love Him more. I trust Him more.
The drawing on the top is a man waiting in a wheelchair. I was thinking of our veterans who do not get visited or thanked for all they have done for our country. There is another hand. The nail-scarred hand of Jesus as He reaches out for the man in the wheelchair. I wanted to show how Jesus was scarred by what happened in his earthly body and yet He is whole just as we will also be someday.