Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blue Rain

This will be one of my final 10x10's for a while. It has been fun for me to do some work so quickly (or at least not take weeks). I have enjoyed seeing how the colors will work together.

Something I think I could paint for the rest of my life is the rain. I love what moisture does to light. I was reminded the other day how important it is that we, as humans, try to remember how finite and small we are in this wild world. It puts us back in our place setting our hearts and minds to a Greater Power.

For me, God is that Greater Power. He is as real as the lightning, as beautiful and as wild.

Some of you, like me, love the color blue. It has always been a spiritual color for me. I suppose because I think of clean and refreshing as blue. Whenever I paint blue I think of God. The One who makes the foulest clean and silences my pride with His great hand.


  1. Interesting that you say you think of God when you think of blue. I always tell people that I think God's favorite color is blue. I say that because of the blue sky and the blue water. That is most of what our visual perception sees when looking at the world. I think green must be his second fave.

  2. I think your right. It seems like most of His creation are those colors. I once heard that green is the best reflection of all the colors. What they meant was that when you rest another color on top of green that it does not detract or add to it. I have always thought that green and blue are so calming.