Friday, April 21, 2017

More Plein Air Works

 "The Garden of Water" 7x5, Oil on Panel
Painted at Hot Springs National Park (up in the mountains)

 "Evening Glow" 7x5, Oil on Panel
Painted right here in my neighborhood.

I know! There's a BUILDING!! aaaaaahhhh!!

"End of Day" 8x6, Oil on Panel
This was in Missouri.

Over 20 plein air paintings will be available through Mary Tomas Gallery at Artscape at the Arboretum running April 28th-30th. This year the Dallas Arboretum has opened The Degolyer House to prominent galleries in Dallas to display and also sell the work during Artscape. Please go by and see if there is a little treasure you would like to pick up. All profits are going to fund a trip (more to come on that) for me to get to paint in the landscape. I would love to have you own a piece as well as send me on another adventure doing what I love: paint IN the landscape.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

More Plein Air Works From My Travels

 "Sol Duc Falls" 9x6, Oil on Canvas

This was from our trip to Olympic National Park. So many waterfalls there. I could have painted for months!

 "Missouri Creek" 5x7, Oil on Panel

A beautiful little spot that I wadded and swam in with the girls while on vacation. Funny thing was on the way back to the van after painting this one I saw a copperhead! I was pretty quick to get in the van after that!

 "Green and Shadow" 7x5, Oil on Canvas

Can never get enough of my in-laws beautiful piece of land in Illinois. Especially on those cool summer afternoons. The green is almost yellow during the right light.

 "White Rock Dusk" 7x5, Oil on Canvas

One of my excursions to White Rock. I am captivated by the trees! One day I'll get to the lake! Ha!

 *Untitled* 9x6, Oil on Canvas

I revisited this older one as I didn't like the water. A beautiful little place we camped in Oklahoma.

"Olympic Sea 2" 6x9, Oil on Canvas

Revisited this one too as I didn't like the rocks and the highlights. Will continue to sit with it to see if it needs anything else.

Monday, April 3, 2017

"The Way" 12x12, Oil on Gessbord

"The Way" 12x12, Oil on Gessbord

Easter is almost here and I usually do something during the time to reflect on this special time of year. It's my favorite holiday and I've had a particularly sweet time this season as I've been working with a wonderful group of artists on our church's Maundy Thursday service. I've been working with a Director, Mac Lower, a Pastor and Musician, Dan Liles, and Actress, Nancy Li and Actor, Eric Fulton, a Craftsman, Pete Underwood and 5 young artists ranging in age from 8-19. Each of the young artists are doing an I AM statement of Jesus (one artist is doing two). This left me with "The Way." 

I leave it with you, the viewer, to see what things were stirring me. I hope it does for you too.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Plein Air works from Illinois, Oklahoma, and Dallas

 "Olympic Sea" 6x9 Oil on Panel

Had some time recently to finish some older studies. I loved this place. Olympic National Park is amazing.

 "Sleepy Fields" 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was in Illinois while visiting over Thanksgiving last year. I loved the cool shadow on the furrow.

 *No Title Yet* 6x9, Oil on Canvas

I did this at a park in Richardson, Texas. A nice cool day with the water through the rocks and light through the new budding trees.

 "Preserve" 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was done in Oklahoma on the Wildlife Preserve. It is just beautiful there. Probably my favorite piece I've done in a long time. Had a buffalo sleeping down the valley as I was painting this.

 "Warm and Cool" 7x5, Oil on Panel

Hubby and I backpacked out to the waterfalls at the Wildlife Preserve near Lawton, OK. It was a hot day but the cool shade let me take a nice break from the sun. I liked the play of cool and warm shadows on the rocks.

 "Lookout from Mt. Scott" 5x7, Oil on Canvas

From the top of Mt. Scott we could see way out. I liked trying at the atmospheric shadows and highlights in the distance.

 *No Title Yet* 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was done at my in-laws house on their property in Illinois. It's just so beautiful when the light hits the trees and grass a certain way.

*No Title Yet* 7x5, Oil on Panel

This was also done at my in-laws property in Illinois. So many wonderful trees there.

I know it's been a long time since I posted but I've been working and have some news to share in a few days.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Illuminated Forest, 12x12, Oil on Gessobord

 12x12, Oil on Gessobord

12x12, Oil on Gessobord

I've been wanting to do these colored trees for a while. I think I'll keep trying different colors. I had a friend suggest an "Illuminated Forest" and I liked that idea.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Unbroken White" 12x36, Oil on Canvas

"Unbroken White" 12x36, Oil on Canvas

I've been working black and white for the past few works. I like the mood it sets. This one was particularly challenging as I had to think of the white shadows in the background, foreground and middle ground.

For black I used a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber and then Titanium White for the greys.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Brushworks Class, ALERT Ministries

A's Beautiful Emotion Painting

Thank you so much for your prayers! I had 4 kids last night in the Brushworks Art Class in Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center. One young man lost his privileges this past week so he wasn't there. Please keep praying for him. I got to really engage with the small group. It was just wonderful. Your prayers are being heard. Thank you for going in there with me. I couldn't do this without your faithful prayers and without Jesus being there already waiting.

A (a lovely young lady) did this emotion piece! It's so powerful and moving. I hope you see her heart poured out in this canvas. I can't wait to see more from her. She told me last night she goes to an Academy and her elective there is art.

Two young men from last week came back. They don't ask for prayer but I always ask if I can pray for them and they say, "Yes, Miss." They both did a great job last night. I was so happy to see them get confident.
Here are their works:

One young man I've had for a few weeks was back. I got the opportunity to talk with him a little more. He was getting very discouraged about his painting and we just walked through it. The other two boys were saying some negative things so I had them stop talking (or they were going to sit out in the hall with the Detention officer). After that he really started going for it. At one point he said, "Miss, you make me feel like a million dollars!" Every kid should get to feel that way in their life. Every kid. It's those times that I really feel Jesus is already there, in the moment, waiting to be seen, heard and felt. 
 We did our very FIRST painting in oils of a sky raining down. Below is the one with a large black bottom (land) that is from this particular young man. 
Loved his landscape!

Please keep praying for these precious ones that God loves.

Bless you all. I can't thank you enough for your love and friendship to me and these kids.